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Put The Pen Down... Let God Write Your Story

(Originally posted on WordPress: January 2, 2024)

We say we trust God and He is the Lord of our lives, but the true test of trusting Him is by releasing and relinquishing control of our lives. We ask God to deliver, make ways and open doors and we say we've put it all in His hands, but then we dictate to Him how we want it to happen, how we want Him to do it, along with when, where and with whom. If we really take a closer, more introspective look, we will realize that we are still trying to control the outcome and how we get to that outcome.

But trusting God is full reliance upon Him to manifest His will, plan and desire for our lives. It doesn't mean that we don't put works to our faith, but it does mean that we don't try to control the outcome by dictating the path. Often times, God has to take us through processes that we don't fully understand because, in our minds, we really think we've got this... we think that we're ready... we think we can handle it. When God is lovingly saying, "No, you don't... No, you're not... No, you can't. Let me handle this and let me do the work that needs to be completed in you."

You see, God is writing an amazing story that will blow our minds once it begins to unfold and manifest. We can't see it all right now. Many of us can't handle "seeing" the full picture right now because it would be so unimaginable that we would speak negativity and doubt, and end up speaking it right out of existence for our lives. Remember, there is power in our words and what we say will bring life or death to our situations, circumstances and our future. But, even though you can't see it now, just trust me when I say, God is writing an amazing story for our lives, and if we're gonna trust Him to complete it, we have to put the pen down and stop trying to write it ourselves.

Please understand... Writing my story and writing the vision that God gives me are, in my opinion, two different things. See, I had this story for my life all written out. I was gonna be a medical doctor with a wonderful educated, professional husband with four kids (two boys and two girls), living what I considered to be "the good life." However, mid-way through my college career of trying to make that happen, GOD GAVE ME A VISION for my life. It was NOTHING like what I had written for myself, but I said yes, and that yes has taken me down some rough paths, though some difficult times and situations that I still don't completely understand. But when I look at the lives that have been touched because of my yes, I know I'm on the right path... the path in the story that God is writing. So, yes... What He showed me in His vision for my life... I wrote that down. Pastors and ministry leaders are writing visions out right now for this new year so that those who are following them can read that vision and run with it. That's very different from writing my story.

I have to remind myself daily not to pick up that pen and try to start re-writing my story all over again. It can be challenging to put the pen down, take our hands off and say, "Lord, I trust You to bring me to the place You have for me," especially when things haven't lined up the way you had expected them to by now. But when we know Him as a good Father, who does good things for His children, who sees ahead and already knows the outcome, we can trust Him, follow His leading, let His voice guide us, let His Word be a light along our pathway, and let Him finish writing His story for our lives. I promise you, if we do, there will be a wonderful ending, a mind-blowing outcome, a tremendous victory and we will live happily ever after with Him!

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